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Screenplay Contest Finalists



Through A Stained Glass Eye - Martin Richmond

Flashlight Tag - Abigail Dell'Orto

Drip, Drop - Irlanda Martinez

Real Dead - Jordan Wolfe

Like A Sheep Named Dolly - Helga Smit

Teddy Cuddles - Christopher Eric Outridge

Sweetness Follows - Jason Boaden

The Station - Nathan Scrivens

Classroom Thief - Kelly Jean Karam

Vvherwolf - Tobias Buckminster Brunelli Propst

The Curse Of Spook Hollow - Bill Robertson

Dr. Funkenstein - Vanessa Ionta Wright

The Demon's Lullaby - Prince Oliver

Ok Mother - John German

The Abyss - Andrea Indovino

Roadside Harvest - Chaz Fatur

Elixir - CR Sherman

Dark Prince - Adam Gregory

Mona Lisa - B. K. Moody

Last Supper - Maryellen DeVivo

Avon For Men - Geena Karsama & Guillermo Ortiz

Hemophobia - Rob Federic

Old Creep - Luke Anthony Walker

Hidden in the Sand - Adolfo Vico

Blessed - Warren Lane & Jon Tenzing Neralich

BuggedMetin Bulent

Let's Play - Ryan Cullen

Love in the Time of Zom-boys - Philip Harris

Followed - Chad Fehr

Mark of the Ghoul - Rhituparna Basu

Echo in the Dark - Matilde Carreón

Nosebleed - Kristen J McNaule

Bring Your Own Brain (B.Y.O.B.) - Shantel L Thompson


A Nightmare on Eve Street - Joe Osborne

The Hag - Wilson C. Peak

Death of an American Family - Kaushik Mukerjee

Murdering Maeve - Daniel Conyers

Dead Roses - Felicia Ann Mead

For The Hell of It - Stephen John Nallon

Sweetener - William Rush

Night People - Lance Cameron Donald

The Collective - Christopher G. Lee

Phantasmagoria -Nicholas Bennett

The Raven Witch - Luke Anthony Walker

Contamination - Neil Chase

Straight Edge - Joe Amero

Haunt This! - Erin Burchard

Quiet Kwame, or the Kwanzaa Movie - Azure D Osborne-Lee

Catacombs - Eric Gerard Sollars, Michael David Sollars & Geoffrey Durand Sollars

Christmas By The Lake - Edward Griffin

Low Frequency - Alicia Norman

Visage - Henry McKeand & Carolina Ramsey

The Kilby Murders - Stuart Pollack

Amish Zombies - Johnathon M. Miller

Sickle -Mallory Kitto

Bloody Teeth - Shaqwane Yates & Markus Evans

Listen - Jeffrey Howe

Sleepless Decay - Simon Parker

Apt. 763 - Ryan Cullen

ReddeR - James Steele Haney

Aqualand - Luke Hunter

The Devil's Bridge - Thomas Breece Bernhardt

Lucid - Andrew Connor

Gone in the Night - Scott Kenyon Barker

Ashes to Ashes - Emily Johnson

The Ghosts of Crystal Lake - Mario G. Lopez

As a Finalist, you are eligible for the following discounted publishing packages:


  • Your screenplay published on under's imprint and available on Amazon

  • An eye-catching cover based on your synopsis/your own images

  • Finalist laurels included on the cover

  • Full copyright details listing you as the copyright holder and an ISBN

  • Retain full rights to your screenplay

  • Receive ALL of the royalties for life on paperback and e-books sales directly from Amazon

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Your screenplay published as a paperback and/or e-book as with the above offer, plus the following:

  • A stunning website to help you promote your screenplay 

  • A movie-style trailer based on your screenplay - at least one minute long, based on your screenplay, including creepy music, relevant stock footage, a voiceover and layers of atmosphere! This will feature on your website and you will also be able to share it via social media to get people excited about your screenplay and keen to read it

  • Website includes links to where your screenplay can be purchased as a paperback and e-book on Amazon



1. Purchase the publishing prize you want from the options above.

2. Email your screenplay and synopsis to us at

choose (1).png

3. We'll get you set up for publication. You receive all of the royalties and retain all of the rights to your screenplay.

Publishing packages will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have purchased your publishing package, we will contact you to advise you of your anticipated publication date.

Publishing your screenplay is a great way to help you get your work out there to a massive international audience. A huge number of Finalists have seen their horror screenplays make it onto Amazon's best-selling horror chart.

Your screenplay will be published under the imprint. It includes full copyright in your name and you are always in complete control of your screenplay via your very own publishing account. You retain all of the rights to your screenplay and you will receive royalties directly from Amazon - on average this is $4.00 per $9.99 paperback sale and 70% of the e-book price.  Your screenplay will also be available for sale via Barnes & Noble.

Screenplays under 21 pages can only be published as e-books. Screenplays of 21 pages or more will be published as paperbacks and e-books.

Congratulations once again on being named as a Finalist in a hugely competitive contest! 

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