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Cassady Maddox Booth - The Sucker

Manuel Medina - Danny Boy

Crystal Rivers Badeaux - The Caretaker

Rakefet Abergel - Mr. Right

Claudia Civinini - Dave

Waylon Bacon - New Utopia

Thomas Adams - Black-Eyed Kids

Jesse Womack - The Litterbug

Bobbie Burgess-Tatum - Road Kill

Laura J. Hickman - Blood and Bone Pawn Shop

Theo Cohn - Meat Rot IV: Flesh Decay

Benjamin Korman - Entering Industry

Brian W. Smith - He Sees You!

Iman Davari - Sunday

MaShae Alderman - Blood Moon Orange

William Clark & Grace Clark - Orange Pulse

Martin Morrow & Brett Giehl - Mark

Carlos Perez - Something In The Basement

Jonathan Riles & Kelsey Lane - $elf-Checkout

Jia - Fear of AI

Kamdyn Errington Atkinson - Coercion

J.J. Reno - Headcount

Stuart Heimdal - Stab Unit: SCP Case Files 008

Jennifer Boch-Wawrzyniak - No Trace Tunnel

Maximilian Scala - Apo-car-lypse

Felicia Mead - The Riddles Behind The Wall

Scott Akers - Blackout


Nate Schrader - Bark At The Moon

Alicia Norman - Crinkum-Crankum

Andrew W. Pursley - Sus

Rhys Thompson - The RIP Man

Liam McGrath - Hoghead

Michael A. Dotson & Jude Reed - Killer Kabbage

EXO Books - Bad Lands

Scott Hutz - The Good Samaritan

Luke Ollerton - Crimson Tears

Jaime Villarreal - RPG

Tari Schnepf - The Wreckage

Richard A. Guimond - Nocnitsa 

Mark Steensland - A Chinese Vampire Story

Carlos Perez - Jeremy's World

Jenn Whittaker - The Butcher Tree

Natalie Christine Rodriguez - Inner Child

Patrick Macdonald - Live Love Laugh Cry Scream

Anne Denise Weber - Final Emergence

Lisa Lubke - Boys Will Be Boys

Julia Watson & Angie Baggett - Meat

Mark Neal - They're Everywhere

Judith Aya Williamson - The Sparrow Diary

Nick Bankhead - Shark of the Dead

Iain Bruce - Renata

Carlos Alex Ceni - Bones

Stefan vom Scheidt - The Hollow Eye of Evil

Toneata Leona Martocchio - Deadly Shadows

Alan Stanford Bradshaw & James Aaron Bradshaw - Co(r)pse

Alessandra Coury - Doggy's Killer Is The Murderer



Finalist status is only awarded to screenplays which place in the top 20% of submissions.


Your judge saw something in your work which made it stand out and your screenplay scored highly enough to qualify as one of our Finalists.

As a Finalist, you are eligible for the following discounted publishing packages:


  • Your screenplay published on under's imprint and available on Amazon

  • An eye-catching cover based on your synopsis/your own images

  • Finalist laurels included on the cover

  • Full copyright details listing you as the copyright holder and an ISBN

  • Receive ALL of the royalties for life on paperback and e-books sales directly from Amazon and retain full rights to your work


For screenplays under 22 pages, we offer the Kindle option for only $29.99

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For screenplays over 22 pages, we publish them as ebooks and paperbacks for just $49.99

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Your screenplay published as a paperback and/or e-book, plus:

  • A stunning website to help you promote your screenplay 

  • A movie-style trailer based on your screenplay - at least one minute long, based on your screenplay, including creepy music, relevant stock footage, a voiceover and layers of atmosphere! This will feature on your website and you will also be able to share it via a YouTube link to get people excited about your screenplay

  • Website includes links to where your screenplay can be purchased as a paperback and e-book on Amazon



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1. Purchase the publishing prize you want from the options above.

2. Email your screenplay and synopsis to us at

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3. We'll get you set up for publication. You receive all of the royalties and retain all of the rights to your screenplay.

Publishing packages will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis. Once you have purchased your publishing package, we will contact you to advise you of your anticipated publication date.

Publishing your screenplay is a great way to help you get your work out there to a massive international audience. A huge number of Finalists have seen their horror screenplays make it onto Amazon's best-selling horror chart.

Your screenplay will be published under the imprint. It includes full copyright in your name and you are always in complete control of your screenplay via your very own publishing account. You retain all of the rights to your screenplay and you will receive royalties directly from Amazon - on average this is $4.00 per $9.99 paperback sale and 70% of the e-book price.  Your screenplay will also be available for sale via Barnes & Noble.

Congratulations once again on being named as a Finalist in a hugely competitive contest! 

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