Massive congratulations to our overall winners and to those of you who placed in the top 20% as finalists!

Making the final decisions was extremely difficult because the standard of screenwriting and the quality of films on display was absolutely phenomenal. We were overwhelmed by the brilliant ideas, fantastic story-telling, mesmerizing dialogue and memorable characters which were presented. 


A huge thank you to every single one of you who entered. Although we are sorry for your disappointment if you didn't make it as a winner or place as a finalist, we sincerely hope you still enjoyed taking part in the contest and found your judge's feedback constructive.


All screenplay winners will be contacted via email with full details of their prizes.


If you were selected as a screenplay finalist, we will also be contacting you regarding your entitlement to an exclusive publishing offer.


All film-makers who placed as winners and selected finalists will be contacted shortly regarding a film distribution offer via's Amazon Prime Video collective.

We hope to see you again for our next Film & Screenplay contest, which is open for entries now!


First place:
Goliath - Christopher Fowler
Second place:
Costume Change - Susie Wynn
Third place:
The Raise - Dylan Metcalfe
10 x additional winners:
These Faces - Jason Rice
Ash in Amber - Allison Hanna
The Tunnel Game - Rives Elliot
Slow Dive - Gabriella Font, Ethan Tague & Sofie Addotta
Black Butterflies - Tamara S. Hall
Graven - Michael Clifton
The Boneyard - M.R. Fitzgerald
Affordable Housing - Wi-Moto Nyoka
Midnight Broadcast - Ethan Messecar
Whispers - Christina Raia

man scream.jpg


First place:

Elite - Jason Kent

Second place:

Mincemeat - Ashling Goldman

Third place:

Tell The Truth, Shame The Devil - Michael Niven


10 x additional winners:

Evacuation - Aubrey Reynolds

Death In Laralay - Mark Steensland

Growl - Samantha Brennan

House of the Bleeding Hands - Tabitha Vidaurri

Bride Out Of Hell - Rodriguez Fruitbat

Trapped - Keir Beck

Return To Sender - Tammy Klembith and George Klembith

Murder Cabin - Nick Bankhead

Inside Me - Darien Harte

Rat - Paul Harker


Best Film - Boneyard Racers

Best Director - William Jody Ebert, The Prize

Best Actor - Wes Worthing,  Devil in the Details

Best Actress - Lucie Chaix, Nature Therapy

Best Baddy - Chaim Dunbar, Deathboy

Best Special Effects - Quoggers



Best Film - Hell Is Shining

Best Director - Dmitri Zaitsev, Neighbor's Dog

Best Actor - Paul Hyland, The Match

Best Actress - Tess Boutmann, Hell Is Shining

Best Supporting Actor - Michael Clancy, Three Days

Best Supporting Actress - Vanessa Ahern, Rain

Best Baddy - Tyler Sheridan, Window Shopping

Best Special Effects - The Surgeons

Finalist laurels 2021.png
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